The Family Francis

The Family Francis is a moniker I chose to release music under that shows off a more acoustic driven side to my musical stylings. All lyrics and music are initially constructed by me then usually taken to friends for finishing touches and additions. I sing and play guitar on ever song, plus occasional instrumentation.

Najinski The Everliving

Najinski was the name of a tarantula I once had that refused to die. Spiders can climb into all kinds of places, just like this project. Moving away from the mostly acoustic sounds of The Family and dabbles with more electronic sounds.

As another solo effort Najinski lacks constraint and can veer in many directions.


The day that Whoa! Stole my soul.

These are a few tracks from an old band of mine that displays a much heavier and weirder side to my musical tastes.

In this band I play keyboards and switch between backing(27) and sharing lead duties(tits and blackout season).

The tribe of Whoa! Is and will always be a completely collaborative effort.

The Whoa never died, it merely sleeps.


My best friend and long tile collaborative partner Buck Buckosh blacked out in a hotel room and created this five song EP. I screamed my tits off in a living room a few weeks later to finish it off.

It’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever produced and I don’t expect you to like or appreciate it.