Vlog 001 – LA Farang Jam

Hitched a ride to LA with my friends Buck and Haley so that I could attend the team Farang jam at Tempest freerunning academy.

Parkour’s becoming a bigger and bigger thing in my life since I decided to start training at the beginning on this year. Teams like Farang and Storror inspired me to want to get in the kind of shape where these levels of movement are things I’m capable of.

What I’ve run into over the past 7 months is that I’m a 33 year old who had spent the better part of his adult life mistreating his body. The amount of prep that is required to avoid injury performing these movements is gargantuan. I’ve learned that the hard way and sadly I have found myself quite injured lately which very sadly meant that I was forced to be a spectator at the jam which was heart breaking as Tempest academy is fucking incredible. I really hope to go back soon.

I need to get better at putting all this info into the videos so that I don’t have to write so much expositional text as precursor.

Here’s the video

Author: lifewithoutconsequence

I write and direct all this bull ass

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