The Beach

The Beach was originally written in 2007 and for the most part is typed up here unaltered. My writing has come a long way since i penned it in a scrappy notebook stolen from the Walden Books store on a lunch break from…

The Beach was originally written in 2007 and for the most part is typed up here unaltered. My writing has come a long way since i penned it in a scrappy notebook stolen from the Walden Books store on a lunch break from a Sunglasses stand next to the food court at the mall so, as one might expect, i made a handful of minor alterations to the original text.

It was inspired by a chance encounter with a woman whom i had no business hanging out with, let alone sleeping with. We remained close, yet all of our encounters to follow were far removed from each others personal lives. She was, and still probably is completely out of my league, but hey, sometimes you get lucky.

Jade, as she came to be known in a lot of my writing to follow this piece, was my first muse. That sounds corny, but it’s true. something about her provoked me to write some of my favourite pieces. some of which I’ve never shown anyone besides her. She loved my writing.

Sometimes Jade and i would go years without seeing each other until we’d suddenly crash into each other and fall madly in love for short periods of time. Looking at it now, i think we would use each other as escapes from our daily lives. Believing, briefly, that we were actually the characters of Jade and David who shared this beautiful poetic relationship.
Real life has the worst way of creeping in and spoiling the most beautiful of dreams doesn’t it.


The Beach, by Davey Francis

Sometimes real life has the worst way of creeping in and spoiling the most beautiful of dreams doesn’t it?

The sound of birds, road works, children yelling, as I write this, the subject matter of this particular dream eludes me, but as the world around me began to wake up, so did I.

As the sounds of cars passing and the tide down the hill all crept into my barely functioning mind, so did the sound of her knocking on my window and calling me an Asshole for not answering my phone.

“…The fuck are you doing here?” I mumbled. I hadn’t realized how dry my throat had been until I attempted to speak.

Eventually my eyes decided they were able to peel themselves open and let in the light of this new morning.

There she was. She looked stunning, she always looked stunning, I cannot for a single second think of a time when I’d found her anything but.

“Fuck you David!” she exclaimed with a giggle, “What do you mean ‘what am I doing here?’ I’m here because you told me to come here 3 hours ago.”

I didn’t know. I’d spent the previous night attempting to forget the night before that by mixing red pills and blue pills I’d stolen from a stranger’s medicine cabinet at some after-hours soirée that I’m sure I hadn’t formally been invited to. I’m surprised she was able to rouse me at all. Needless to say, I had no recollection of offering any sort of invitation.

I rubbed my eyes and stretched trying to find some part of me that felt like a real person.

“Here, come get in my car” she said. I obeyed without question as I always did for her.

Jade drove a bright red Jeep Cherokee. It was never really a car you’d imagine a girl like her to drive. Looking at her, she seemed a better fit for something small, something sporty…but things aren’t always exactly as we imagine them, are they?

The conversation was typical for us. She spoke; I listened, offering occasional opinions here and there. She inquired about the previous night. I told her what I knew, what I’d been on. Jade just laughed and shook her head. I never fully got an understanding of what she actually thought of me. I always teetered between wondering if she just felt sorry for me, or if she genuinely enjoyed my company. Women like her don’t often take time out for men like me.

“I need something for my head, do you have any weed?” I asked. Pot was always my go-to when it came to evening myself out in the midst of a hangover.

“No,” she replied with a sly smile “I’ve got something even better.”

I already knew what it was; I didn’t even have to ask.

From a very designer purse she produced a small baggie that contained a brown powder followed by two sealed needles. I’d never mainlined anything before… I mean, not to my knowledge. My memory isn’t what it used to be and I black out more than I’d ever admit to anyone I know personally.

She went about the process like she was making her morning coffee. Sliding her slender belt off and fixing it around my arm like a perfect schoolboys noose. Slapping just below the ditch of my elbow to find a vein and almost painlessly pushing the point of the needle beneath my skin.

It was an action that felt so foreign, but so right.

Immediately I was some place new. I felt new things.

I rose up into the heavens and kissed every angel on all three of their eyelids, forgiving them for their sins while glorifying my own. God didn’t touch me; I was god! Reshaping the world in my own image.

Without any friction of reality I slipped from one heaven inside of another.

In the back seat of her car with the seats laid back her long smooth legs wrapped around me. Our lips locked and I witnessed each muscle in her body move in time with me own.

I lost myself, captivated for what seemed like an eternity by the curves of her back as the morning sun beamed in through the window playing on her olive skin as it threw shapes like the peaks of beautiful Venezuelan sand dunes.

As her chill skin moved against my own I felt passion like I had ever know and doubtfully ever will again. For a brief moment everything in the universe was perfect.

Each climax came and went until we eventually were taken by sleep, arms locked around one another. My dreams were either of darkness or of her. At that moment those were the only two things in this human existence I wanted.

Some hours later she woke me up, shaking me back to the land of the living, already dressed and looking stunning.

Jade explained that she had to leave and I needed to quickly get dressed myself and vacate her vehicle. As always, I didn’t question anything.

Leaning against the drivers side door of my car, tugging at her belt loops and trying to steal a few last and clearly unwanted kisses I pathetically asked when I would see her again.

“Soon.” She replied with a timid but utterly believable smile.

Soon never came, and I never saw Jade again. I’ll always have that morning at the beach though. What followed will stay with me until the day I die.

Such a sudden end, I know, but that’s exactly how live works, isn’t it?

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